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The greatest asset we offer is our base of highly trained, experienced tutoring coaches who are versed in the total approach to learning.

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With their vast experience and training in our total approach to learning, your students will reach their full potential and learn and sustain skills that will propel them in their academic and professional careers.






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Do You Have Trouble Concentrating?

Improve Your Study Habits

iCAT recognizes that the difference between an A student and a B or C student may be something as simple as the student’s study habits or learning styles, and upon making adaptations or improvements to these routines in addition to tutoring, the student excels dramatically.

Learn to Prepare for Study

Our professional tutor coaches are trained and experienced in identifying areas of need within the study and preparation cycle. With our coaching and learning support, we address these areas and produce results. 

Put Simply

Our difference is in our people. We are an experienced team at iCAT who have all been in your shoes at points in our lives. We understand, and we are able to help.

Let’s get started. It’s quick, easy and fun!

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We recognize how busy and full life often is. We are flexible and adaptive affording the capability of meeting in the comfort of your home on your timetable.

We also offer services at your local library, school (with principal permission), church, synagogue, after school program, your office, student center (for our collegiates), and any reasonable location where a quiet learning environment exists.

One-on-One with iCAT

iCAT learning system was built on the benefits of in person one on one learning and coaching. This is the cornerstone of our tutorial coaching model and for many years it has demonstrated over and over its effectiveness.

Academic Goals

We are eager to welcome you and develop your learner to help them meet and even exceed the academic goals ahead. This is our sole purpose. To foster, guide, and develop learners to their fullest potential. Let’s get started now.    540-903-7130

Achieve Goals with iCAT

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